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  Location (Office) E11-4075
  (Lab) E11-2049
  Phone   (853)8822-4356
  Fax   (853)8822-2426
  E-mail   fstkhl
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Ph.D. Materials Science. City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2007.
M.Sc. Metallic and Ceramic Materials. The University of Manchester, UK, 2002.
M.Sc. Electromechanical Engineering. The University of Macau, 2000.
B.Sc. Electromechanical Engineering. The University of Macau, 1997.


2014/2015 Academic Year Head, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, University of Macau
2013 – present Associate Professor, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, University of Macau
2007-2013 Assistant Professor, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, University of Macau
2007-2013 Honorary Research Fellow, City Univiversity of Hong Kong
2001 – 2007 Lecturer, University of Macau


 Research Interests

    • Mechanical/Magnetic behaviour and testing of metals
    • Laser materials processing
    • Engineering failure analysis
    • Cavitation erosion and corrosion of metals

   Research Group


   Ph.D. Courses

    •   Mechanical Properties and Behaviour of Materials (APME802)

  M.Sc. Courses

    •   Failure Analysis in Mechanical Engineering (ELME722)
    •   Introduction to Research (ELME701)
    •   Failure Analysis in Mechanical Engineering (IMEM023)
    •   Introduction to Research (IMEM002)

B.Sc. Courses

    •   Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials and Basic Failure Analysis (EMEB371)
    •   Finite Element Techniques in Engineering (EMEB359)
    •   Strength of Materials (EMEB210)
    •   Product Design II (MECH308)
    •   Mechanics of Materials (MECH204)
    •   Finite Element Technique in Engineering (MECH486)
    •   Product Design I (MECH305)
    •   Applied Mechanics I (For FED students)



  1. Fang X, Yin W, Qin C, Wang W, Lo KH, Shek CH. The interface character distribution of cold-rolled and annealed duplex stainless steel. Materials Characterization. 2016; 118: 397-404 [SCI-E]
  2. Wang KY, Lo KH*, Kwok CT, Wong MM, Iong IW, Ai W. The influences of martensitic transformations on cavitation-erosion damage initiation and pitting resistance of a lean austenitic stainless steel. Materials Research. (Accepted in 2016) [SCI-E]
  3. Ai WJ, Kuan HC, Dong JJ, Kwok CT, Lo KH*. Short-Term Spinodal Decomposition – Its Effects on Corrosion Behaviour of a Duplex Stainless Steel and Feasibility as a Strengthening Treatment. Materials and Corrosion. (Under 1st round of peer review in Jul-2016) [SCI-E]
  4. Li X, Li T, Chen F, Kwok CT, Lo KH*. Deep cryogenic processing of of an unstable stainless steel. To be submitted in Sep-2016 to Materials and Manufacturing Processes. [SCI-E]
  5. Lo KH*, Kwok CT, Kuan HC, Chan WK, Ai WJ. Correlation between A.C. magnetic susceptibility and pitting behaviour of sigma-phase containing duplex stainless steel. Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials. 2015; 62(6): 371-378 [SCI-E]


2013 Long-time Service Award (15-Years), University of Macau
2011 Academic Staff Award, University-of-Macau 
2010 Faculty Research Award (Emerging Scholar) for 2007-2009
2007 – 2013 Honorary Research Fellowships. City University of Hong Kong
2007 My Favorite Teacher of the Department, The Students Union, University of Macau
2006 Outstanding Academic Performance Award, City University of HK
2001 Armourers-and-Brasiers Prize, Manchester Materials Centre
2000 British Chevening Scholarship for M.Sc studies. Government of the UK
<The first recipient in Macau>
1997 Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) Prize


2016 Onwards Programme Management Committee for M.Sc, Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, University of Macau
2015 – 2016 Patent Application Committee, University of Macau
2015 General Admissions Exam of the University, University of Macau
2015 Search Committee for Macau Fellows, University of Macau
2014/15 Academic Year Faculty Executive Committee, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau
2015 – present Affiliate of Stanley Ho East Asia College, University of Macau
2012 – 2015 Manuscript Reviewer, Materials and Design [SCI-E]



Laboratory of Mechanical Characterization and Testing
Laser Processing Laboratory* <Co-Supervisor>

* Chief supervisor: Prof. Chi Tat KWOK