APME801 Solid State Physics
APME802 Mechanical Properties and Behaviour of Materials
APME803 Advanced Instrumentation for Materials Characterization
APME804 Quantum Mechanics
APME805 Electromagnetism
APME806 Laser Technology
APME807 Thin Film Physics
APME808 Electroceramic Materials
APME809 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
APME810 Phase Transformations of Materials
APME811 Composite Materials
APME812 Special Topics in Applied Physics
APME813 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
APME814 Advanced Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
APME815 Advanced Laser Materials Processing
APME816 Corrosion, Wear and Surface Engineering
APME817 Advanced Failure Analysis of Materials
GRSC801 Research Ethics
GRSC802 Research Writing
GRSC804 University Teaching I
GRSC805 University Teaching II


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