18-April-2018 / Event

IAPME Seminar – Prof. Mingmei Wu from Sun Yat-San University

Prof. Mingmei Wu will give a talk to IAPME on 1 June 2018
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11-April-2018 / Event

IAPME Seminar – Prof. Zheng-Xiao Guo from University College London, UK

Prof. Zheng-Xiao Guo will give a talk to IAPME. Title: Engineering Porous Carbon and Graphene Structures for Effective Energy Storage; Date: 16 Apr 2018
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28-March-2018 / Event

IAPME Seminar – Prof. Yuerui Lu from Australian National University

Prof. Yuerui Lu will give a talk to IAPME. Title: Extraordinary Light-Matter Interactions in 2D Materials; Date: 9 Apr 2018
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